Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ballocki Champions League open for FREE play DAILY in SL

The Ballocki Champions League (BCL) is currently hosting daily games, scrimmages, and open court practice time at our new Ballocki Stadium in the Celestial Game Tower game park inside of the Second Life virtual world!

The league will be hosting these and other events throughout the winter and spring leading up to this summer's 2010 World Cup. Ballocki (TM) is a wildly exciting and fun sports game that combines elements of football, soccer, billiards, and tetris using avatars as the athletes. The game is extremely fun and easy to play. Ballocki can be played by a single player, or teams of up to 5 players (5 vs 5).

The game court in Ballocki Stadium is open 24/7 inside of the Second Life virtual world, and our BCL league game sessions currently take place during the evenings in SL time (USA Pacific time), usually between 4pm PST and 12am PST (midnight) DAILY. These games are open to veterans and rookies alike. You do not need any experience to play. Stop by and check it out! You can join in and play or watch the exciting action.

Currently, the best ballocki game action is usually on the weekends at around 8PM PST - 10PM PST, but we will be hosting games during other times soon for our players from all around the world.

Also, there is no HUD or equipment needed to play, just show up and all you need is a SL avatar to play. It's the most user friendly sports game in SL. All of our regular players are friendly and will be glad to show you how to play. We'll even give you free clothes and uniforms!!!

If you like what you experience, you can also contact Dude Gilruth and ask to be invited to the "Ballocki Champions League - BCL" group, or simply find the group in search and sign up for the group free. There is no fee to play.

Come visit us anytime at the new Ballocki Stadium!!! You can also read about Ballocki in a 2008 CNN feature article on CNN's iReports website: CNN article about the new sports game Ballocki in Second Life.

If you have any questions, please contact Dude Gilruth inside of Second Life. Come out and join in the fun at Ballocki Stadium in the Second Life virtual world!

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All Good Ballockis Go To Heaven