Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ballocki Video - New York Firemen vs Glasgow Scots - Game Demo

Tonight during our regular 8PM PST session of Ballocki games in Second Life, I recorded some video of an exhibition game between two of our BCL league teams, the New York Firemen vs Glasgow Scots.

You can watch the video here.

Thanks to all of the Ballocki players who played during tonight's session of games and practice, especially Devyn Smythe, Deirdre Faulds, and Kemo Chau who all participated in the videotaped match along with yours truly, Dude Gilruth.

Kemo is new to Second Life as well as to the virtual sport of ballocki, and even though he wasn't exactly competitive against our more experienced players, he proved that ballocki can be learned quickly and enjoyed even on your first few days in Second Life. In fact, playing ballocki is actually a very good way to learn how to maneuver your avatar in the world of Second Life, whether you are on your first day in Second Life or have been playing in the virtual world for years.

And yet, the game is so exciting that it never gets old, especially when you have some good competition to match up against on the ballocki court. There is quite a bit of strategy involved in a team game of ballocki, and some of the basics of that is on display in the video of tonight's exhibition game.

You can see players matching colored balls with the appropriate colored goals for their team, going on offense, as well as a couple of solid defensive efforts where goals are denied by the opposing team's players. You can also see a bit of the scoring system as the different types of goals are counted on the scoreboard (blocks, balls, center goals, corner goals, lucky balls, etc). Last, but not least, there is some great teamwork that takes place near the end of the video where you can see Devyn and Deirdre working together to score some goals together for their team the Glasgow Scots. Hope you enjoy the machinima video!!!

Video footage from tonight's Ballocki Champions League match featuring the New York "Firemen" vs Glasgow "Scots"

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