Friday, January 22, 2010

Sydney Kangaroos Expansion Team Joins Ballocki Champions League

Fri. 4:30AM PST New York Firemen 97 - Sydney Kangaroos 49

Look out down under! The Sydney Kangaroos have now joined the Ballocki Champions League. The new expansion team was formed this evening and has vowed to become a competitive force in the quickly growing ranks of the BCL. Eleanor Balbozar and Danann Parx have formed the new team and requested an official spot in the league after recently participating in some ballocki scrimmages and attending some of our exciting league matches at the new Ballocki Stadium located in the Celestial Game Tower game park inside SL.

If you, too, would like to form a new ballocki team and join the BCL, or if you would like to join up with one of our existing teams, please stop by Ballocki Stadium or contact Dude Gilruth by sending him a notecard or instant message inside of Second Life.

After joining the league tonight, the Kangaroos wasted no time in seeking out some high level competition, and put up a decent first effort in losing to the New York Firemen 97 - 49. Regular league players for the Firemen, Willis Loopen and Dude Gilruth, welcomed the "Roos" to the BCL with a solid show of teamwork and ballocki skill.

The Roos did get off to a good start in the match though, and gave the Firemen a slight scare by opening up the game with an early 8 point goal by way of a Lucky Block on the blue corner goal. Nevertheless, the Firemen quickly recovered and dominated throughout most of the game. This win makes it 6 in a row for the Firemen!

As of this morning's game, the BCL team standings are as follows, the Glasgow Scots are 4-3 during our pre-season exhibition matches while the New York Firemen are 7-4, the Atlanta Peaches are 0-3, and the Sydney Kangaroos are 0-1. The London Lions team has yet to play an official match.

Along with the new Kangaroos team, the BCL would also like to welcome highly accomplished Second Life resident waelya Tenk as a new player for the Atlanta Peaches. Waelya brings tons of SL sporting experience with her to the Peaches, including a championship season as a Giant Snail Racer, and she has taken to the game of ballocki like a duck to water. You can view some of waelya's Second Life experiences on her youtube site here. Thanks to everyone who came out to the stadium this morning to participate in and watch the games!!!

Well, this morning's event is in the books, but don't forget that the Ballocki Stadium is now open 24/7 for free practice and scrimmages any time you want to stop by there to play. We will also be hosting more BCL league matches soon (mostly in the 8PM SL time frame), so we hope to see you soon at Ballocki Stadium in the Celestial Game Tower game park inside of the Second Life virtual world!

Players for the Sydney Kangaroos and New York Firemen in action

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