Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ballocki Champions League Weekend Recap

This weekend the BCL returned to action with 3 major exhibition matches that were held at the new Ballocki Stadium located in the Celestial Game Tower game park.

The results of the games are as follows:

Sat. 8PM PST Glasgow Scots 100 - New York Firemen 37
Sun. 8PM PST New York Firemen 119 - Glasgow Scots 107
Sun. 9PM PST Glasgow Scots 113 - New York Firemen 68

The primary players involved included some of our league's all-stars: Deirdre Faulds and Devyn Smythe who anchored the Glasgow Scots during all 3 matches, and Tanya Rubble, Sorina Garrigus, and yours truly Dude Gilruth for the New York Firemen. The games were all intense matches, especially the 119-107 barn burner that opened the action on Sunday night featuring the return of a much improved Tanya Rubble who was key to the victory for the Firemen.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the stadium this weekend to participate in and watch the games!!! Saturday night we even had a special guest on hand. Fearless sports reporter Senban Babii was on hand to document the action for the SL newspaper the Alphaville Herald (formerly the SL Herald). That article should be coming soon, so be sure to check out their website for the paper.

Well, this weekend is in the books, but don't forget that the Ballocki Stadium is now open 24/7 for free practice and scrimmages any time you want to stop by there to play. We will also be hosting more BCL league matches (mostly in the 8PM SL time frame) soon, so we hope to see you soon at Ballocki Stadium in the Celestial Game Tower game park inside of the Second Life virtual world!

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