Saturday, January 23, 2010

Atlanta Peaches Ballocki Team Improves in 92-84 Overtime Loss to NY

Fri. 8PM PST Game 1: cancelled due to griefers

Sat. 2:00AM PST Game 1: New York Firemen 88 - Atlanta Peaches 76
Sat. 2:15AM PST Game 2: New York Firemen 92 - Atlanta Peaches 84 (OT)

The Atlanta Peaches and New York Firemen renewed their rivalry in the Ballocki Champions League tonight with two hotly contested games, including an overtime thriller! The Peaches were far more competitive than usual, and it's clear that the team has improved greatly with the recent addition of Second Life multi-sport superstar waelya Tenk. Tonight's hard fought BCL exhibition matches were held at the new Ballocki Stadium located in the Celestial Game Tower game park inside SL.

Willis Loopen and yours truly Dude Gilruth participated for the New York Firemen while DawnRose Ruby teamed up with waelya Tenk for the Atlanta Peaches. The regular 8PM Friday night game session was "rained out" so to speak due to a large group of griefers and miscreant fools who showed up intent on interfering with the games and earning TOS Abuse Reports for their griefing effort along with involuntary leaves-of-absence from the virtual world.

After the griefers were dealt with, the games were well contested and hard fought during the overnight session. The Atlanta Peaches held close in a back and forth duel in their first game of the night with the Firemen, then nearly pulled off their first league victory in the second match of the session. In that contest, the Peaches broke out to a solid double-digit lead during the first half, but the Firemen came storming back with a barrage of scoring.

The lead changed multiple times during the furious closing 2 minutes, and the Peaches held an 84-82 lead with just seconds remaining. Dude Gilruth was able to score a red block just before the final buzzer for 2 points which tied the score and sent the game into a 2 minute overtime. The Firemen scored first during the initial minute of overtime with a 2 point goal in the blue corner, then defended furiously to shut out the Peaches in the overtime while scoring again twice for themselves with a 4 point goal on the black corner and a 2 pointer on the red goal to finish it out.

Also tonight, there was quite a bit of one-on-one ballocki action played after the team matches were over. In several games, waelya Tenk showed extraordinary speed and relentless defense, including one grueling match where she was able to avenge prior defeats to Dude Gilruth with a solid 36-16 win against him in heads-up play.

As of tonight's games, the New York Firemen are 9-4 during our pre-season exhibition matches while the Glasgow Scots are 4-3, the Atlanta Peaches are 0-5, and the Sydney Kangaroos are 0-1. The London Lions team has yet to play an official match.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the stadium tonight to participate in and watch the games!!!

Well, tonight's games are in the books, but don't forget that the Ballocki Stadium is now open 24/7 for free practice and scrimmages any time you want to stop by there to play. We will also be hosting more BCL league matches soon(mostly in the 8PM SL time frame), so we hope to see you soon at Ballocki Stadium in the Celestial Game Tower game park inside of the Second Life virtual world!

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