Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ballocki Bowl Sunday!

****** Ballocki Bowl Sunday ******

The BCL is proud to announce that on Sunday January 31, 2010 (tomorrow), we will be hosting our first annual "Ballocki Bowl Sunday" tournament. The schedule is flexible, but the main event for Ballocki Bowl Sunday will take place from 12PM PST - 2PM PST.

The event will take place at Ballocki Stadium located in the Celestial Game Tower game park inside SL. <-- click here to visit the stadium

Ballocki Bowl Sunday will consist of a 4 team tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of L$1000 to the winning team. To participate in the event, each team must be represented by a minimum of 2 players. If a team fails to show up for the event with at least 2 players, they will forfeit any matches in the tournament along with the eligibility for any of the prize money. At the conclusion of the tournament, the L$1000 grand prize will be awarded evenly among all players who show up and play in at least 1 match during the tournament for the winning team. If anyone wishes to sponsor Ballocki Bowl Sunday (and add to the prize pool), you may do so by contacting Dude Gilruth.

Ballocki Bowl Sunday Schedule:

11AM PST -- Pre-game warmups

12:00PM PST -- Game 1: Glasgow Scots vs Atlanta Peaches
12:15PM PST -- Game 2: New York Firemen vs Sydney Kangaroos

12:30PM PST -- Game 3: Loser Game 1 vs Loser Game 2 (consolation game)
12:45PM PST -- Game 4: Winner Game 1 vs Winner Game 2 (Championship game)

1:00 PM PST -- Post-game Celebration and After Party!!!

Let's make this happen!!! With all 4 teams together, and with a L$1000 prize to the winners, this should be a really fun event, so everyone please try to make it and bring some friends to watch. If you would rather play your first round game today, that can be arranged as long as both teams have players online and are agreeable on a time. Just contact Dude Gilruth if you want to do that. If you don't think you'll be able to have at least two players online to play in the tournament games, then please see if you can find a friend or new player who might want to play on your team in the Ballocki Bowl Sunday event. Each game will be at least 2 vs 2, and if each team has more than 2 players, then the game will be played with an even number of players like 3 vs 3, etc. If any players have to sit out during the first game, they can play in the second match.

Ok, that's the details for the first annual Ballocki Bowl Sunday... everyone please try to make it! Hopefully, we can have this event every year on the Sunday prior to the RL Super Bowl. Play in this first annual event, and if your team wins you can etch your name into the metaverse history books & have future bragging rights for having been the first ever Champions of Ballocki Bowl Sunday!!! Also, feel free to pass along this notecard to your friends :-)

Ballocki Stadium located in the Celestial Game Tower game park inside SL <-- click here to visit the stadium

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