Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Night Ballocki

Mon. 8PM PST Game 1: New York Firemen 120 - Atlanta Peaches 54

Tonight, two of our BCL teams got some action in and played a major exhibition match that was held at the new Ballocki Stadium located in the Celestial Game Tower game park inside SL.

The primary players involved included some of our league's all-stars: in both matches, Willis Loopen and yours truly Dude Gilruth participated for the New York Firemen. The Atlanta Peaches, meanwhile, played with an improving and enthusiastic lineup that consisted of DawnRose Ruby and s2katies2 GossipGirl. Moon Calamity showed up for a bit during the pre-game warmups, but sat out instead of playing for her team, the Peaches. Judging from the score, the team might have used her help.

The Atlanta Peaches showed a bit of improvement in tonight's game, mainly due to the emergence of DawnRose Ruby as a solid Ballocki player. Nevertheless, the Peaches still fell short of victory against the more experienced lineup of players for the Firemen. Look out for the Peaches though, they are getting better quickly and may soon become a force to be reckoned with in the Ballocki Champions League.

As of tonight's games, the Glasgow Scots are 4-1 during our pre-season exhibition matches while the New York Firemen are 4-4 and the Atlanta Peaches are 0-3. The London Lions team has yet to play.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the stadium tonight to participate in and watch the games!!!

Well, tonight's main event is in the books, but don't forget that the Ballocki Stadium is now open 24/7 for free practice and scrimmages any time you want to stop by there to play. We will also be hosting more BCL league matches (mostly in the 8PM SL time frame) soon, so we hope to see you soon at Ballocki Stadium in the Celestial Game Tower game park inside of the Second Life virtual world!

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