Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Luke Weissberg posts new individual high score of 150!

Last night, Luke Weissberg posted a new Ballocki record of 150 points scored in a single player game. Wow, he is good! Way to go Luke!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ballocki Champions League open for play DAILY in SL

BCL (Ballocki Champions League) is currently hosting daily games, scrimmages, and open court practice time throughout the summer. Ballocki (TM) is an exciting and fun new sport similar to a combination of football (soccer), billiards (pool), and Tetris. The game is extremely fun and easy to play. Ballocki can be played by a single player, or teams of up to 5 players (5 vs 5).

It takes place during the evenings in SL time (USA Pacific time), usually between 4pm SLT and 12am SLT (midnight) DAILY. These games are open to veterans and rookies alike. You do not need any experience to play. Stop on by and check out the action! You can join in or just watch.

Also, there is no HUD or equipment needed to play, just show up and all you need is a SL avatar to play. It's the most user friendly sports game in SL. All of our regular players are friendly and will be glad to show you how to play. We'll even give you free clothes and uniforms!!!

If you like what you experience, you can also contact Dude Gilruth and ask to be invited to the "Ballocki Champions League - BCL" group, or simply find the group in search and sign up for the group free. There is no fee to play.

Players and spectators are asked to be courteous while games are in progress, and to remove bling and scripted attachments.

See the SL group listing (in search) for "Ballocki Champions League - BCL" for more information. You can also read about Ballocki in a recent CNN feature article on CNN's iReports website: CNN article about the new sports game Ballocki in Second Life.

If you have any questions, please IM Dude Gilruth inside of Second Life.

Team of 3 Scores 200 points!

This evening, three Ballocki players teamed up to score 200 points in an uncontested game (no opposing team playing defense). With a plan of attempting to score 200 or more points in a single 10 minute game, Deirdre Faulds, Devyn Smythe, and I (Dude Gilruth) hit the mark exactly at 200 points just before the final buzzer went off as time expired on the game!!

It was quite a thrill and lots of fun!! We were so proud of ourselves that we took a photo with the scoreboard.